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Different Types of Eye Surgery

The word surgery is good enough to provide tension to people as with this we picture high grade invasive procedures which take hours to complete and life of patient is at risk in all these conditions. However, this is not always the case there are some surgeries which can be completed in minutes especially those who are related with eye surgery. It is more dependent upon the problem which you are facing and treatment that has been advised by doctor. Human eye is a complicated organ which is involved in managing and dealing with visual functions. Any kind of problem in eye means that your vision will get affected influencing the quality of life in a negative fashion.

There are different types of eye surgery, but cataract and Lasik are the most popular ones as they are performed on a larger scale upon different types of patients. Let’s discuss these two types so that readers can get a better idea.

  • Cataract surgery is normally performed for restoring vision in patient who has lenticular changes that are strong enough to render lens opaque. An opaque lens means that no light will pass through the eye and you will not get in a position of seeing anything because brain will not see anything.
  • Lasik eye surgery is normally performed for correcting refractive errors and patients find it useful for dealing with different kinds of cosmetic issues. You can also go with this procedure after considering options and discussing options with the doctor.